What is hair breakage & how to prevent it?

What is hair breakage & how to prevent it?

Just to be clear there is a difference between Hair Breakage and Hair Shedding. Hair shedding is a very normal part of the hair cycle, where you loss hair on a daily basis which ranges between 50 to 100 strands of hair. On the other hand, Breakage means that the hair strand didn’t fall from the root but the pieces of the hair broke maybe from the tip or the middle or near the root of a strand.

There are several reasons for hair breakage, how you style your hair is one of the main reasons, things like aggressive brushing and combing, frequent heat styling and using products that have aggressive chemicals (ex: Sulfates). Sulfates strips your hair and scalp from its natural moisture oils, with frequent use it will leave your hair dry and brittle. Moreover, if you have sensitive scalp, sulfates can cause irritation, redness, dryness, etc.

On way to prevent hair breakage due to the excessive use of heat is to use a leave in conditioner before applying heat, We recommend Blush Leave in conditioner because it forms a protective layer between the direct best and your hair which will prevent hair damage

To be able to tell if you have hair breakage you need to observe the following signs

 Split ends, if individual hairs are split and have a tree like appearance and when you visually observe hair fragments or little pieces of hair in the sink or your comb. After identifying hair breakage its time for treatment, the first thing you should do is use deep conditioning, using a Hair mask like Blush Hair Conditioning Mask is one of the quickest fixes the breakage problem since it floods the hair with much needed natural moisture and hydration and Blush Leave in conditioner to lock in the moisture forming and isolated conditioned environment for the hair to heal, for the hair mask to give you the optimum result use it on average for two times per week for two weeks . Lastly, you should get regular Trims on average every six weeks

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