How to get healthier and stronger nails?

How to get healthier and stronger nails?

We should always pay attention to the messages that our nail sends us, you should be able to sense if you have weak or brittle nails, if you do, we will tell you how to get them back healthier and stronger.

Firstly, try as much as you can avoid soaking your nails in water for a long time exposed to water. For example, if you are washing the dishes you should always wear gloves, long periods of water exposure will lead the nails to be weaker and more brittle

You should always be very careful to the products you use on your nails !

Since many nail polish and nail polish remover contain harsh chemicals that will weaken your nails for example, nail polish remover has acetone, which is very damaging to your nails. Try as much as you can to avoid the use of acrylic nails and gels, the constant use of acrylic nails and gel will cause your nails to peel and hinder their growth significantly. Looking for non-toxic nail polish and acetone free polish is the best way to go.

One other thing if you watch out for you will be able to maintain healthy nails, Products like hand sanitizers and drying shampoos, Hand sanitizers will dry your nails and hands, so try to avoid getting them on your nails; since constantly applying hand sanitizers on your nails will completely destroy them. If you are using a shampoo that targets stripping oil, it will lead to drying and weakling of your nails.

After putting everything we said in mind, applying nail oil daily before we sleep will ensure that our nails will grow healthier and stronger in no time.

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