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Why you should care – much more – about your hair in summer?

Why you should care – much more – about your hair in summer?

Our skin and hair are very sensitive to humidity, pollution and the sun. What happens is that the hair absorbs humidity causing it to expand which leads to breakage within the hair cuticles also we must know that Seawater and pool water can cause irreversible damage if not treated quickly.

During summer, we might experience hair loss and dandruff, that is usually!

Because of over production of oils within the scalp, to overcome those issues it’s recommended to wash our hair with a natural hydrating shampoo from two to three times a week. You must make sure not to over use shampoo since over use can have negative effects on your hair.

To Have optimum results using a conditioner or a leave-in conditioner is the right way to go, Personally, I love to use the leave-in conditioner since its effects last longer than regular conditioners, it keeps your hair moist and reduces frizz significantly it also works as a protective shield against heat and harmful sun rays

We all love to take a swim specially when the weather is hot and the sun is blazing, so we should take our precautions to protect our hair before and after our swim that’s because seawater can be so harsh on our hair, and it strips it from all the natural and protective oils leaving it venerable to pollution and direct sun while pool water has a lot of chlorine and other chemicals which can be very damaging to our hair. What we can do is apply leave-in conditioner before our swim and after toy should make sure to wash and condition it. Following those few easy steps will ensure that you will have a light and beautiful, free of free hair all summer.

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